Geomob provides a relaxed forum to learn about and discuss geoinnovation in any and all forms. We do this via regular in-person events and our weekly podcast.

Geomob events take place every few months and have been running since 2008, originally only in London, but now also in Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Berlin and other cities. Over the years we have welcomed hundreds of speakers from across the full spectrum of start-ups, global giants, academia, government, NGOs, and hobby projects. If you are doing something interesting involving any aspect of geospatial, we would love to hear from you. Talks are followed by informal discussion and networking over drinks.

Geobeers at the pub, June 2022
The Geomob crew having “geobeers” following the June 2022 London event

If you would like to organize Geomob in your community please get in touch.

For those who can’t make it to an in-person event we provide our weekly podcast. Hosts Ed Freyfogle of OpenCage and Steven Feldman of Mappery interview Geomob speakers, discuss themes from the geo industry, and provide regular updates about their own projects.

Our monthly newsletter and the Geomob mastodon account are the easiest way to stay informed about upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you at Geomob!

Geomob is organized by OpenCage.

London Snowdrop Solutions
Nina and Steven
Barcelona geomob
London Splashmaps winner David Heyman (Axis Maps)
Geomob Munich
London geomob SmartPostcode
Online geomob during 2020 Covid
Tim wins the SplashMap
Geomob Munich 2019
Atlas of imaginary places