Geomob is only possible thanks to our generous sponsors.
Sponsoring Geomob is a low-effort, affordable way to reach the location based service developer community.
If your brand would like to help foster geoinnovation in one of the cities we are active in please get in touch.
Sponsorship costs are:
  • Eurozone: €200/event or €600 annually
  • UK: £200/event or £600 annually
Sponsors receive:
  • Logo and link on the Geomob website (relevant event pages)
  • Logo and link in our monthly newsletter (annual sponsors)
  • A mention on our mastodon account before and after (in the summary thread) each event
  • At the event:
    • logo in the intro presentation
    • 2 minutes to address the audience at start of the event
  • Most importantly: good geokarma
We welcome all ideas for deeper partnership that fit the Geomob ethos. A great example is the audience voted SplashMaps prize for best speaker.
The sponsorship funds are used exclusively to pay for the post-event pub visits where attendees discuss the ideas and start-ups presented.
If this is of interest to your brand please get in touch.