Do you remember the feeling of travelling with a folded map in your pocket? Whether you’re yearning for a bit of nostalgia, or a young person curious about the history of flying through maps, this week’s guest has something for you. Ed chats with the man behind, Direction of Travel, Christian Nolle. This newspaper, a real physical newspaper you can buy, is dedicated to vintage airline maps. Christian uses his own expansive collection of maps to illustrate what flying means to us, how it has changed, and how world issues throughout history have affected flying. Each issue compares and contrasts two airlines. Not just for map nerds, this project attracts graphic designers, artists, and vintage airline magazine lovers. Listen in and you’ll understand why he was the winner of the SplashMaps best speaker prize at our September 28th, 2022 London event.

The Geomob podcast is hosted by Ed Freyfogle, co-founder of OpenCage, and Steven Feldman, of KnowWhere Consulting.

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