This week we spotlight an exciting event: London Data Week. This city wide festival will take place from 3rd to the 9th of July and is meant to bring London’s thriving data community together. It’s also a chance to brainstorm ideas on how to bring useful data to the general public. Joining Steven is Jen Ding of the Alan Turing Institute (and winner of the SplashMap best speaker prize at our April 2023 London event). Jen explains the aims of the week and gives Steven a preview of what to expect. Whether you’re into cycling, comedy, or AI, London Data Week has it all. This community led event aims to encourage people to actively participate in data collection themselves. Events by Citi Maps, Geomob London on the evening of July 5th, and Statisticians for Society are just some highlights of the festival, tune in to find out what else is in store and how you can participate.
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