In this episode Neelima Mohanty and Pragya Pant share their experiences as young women in the geospatial industry and the impact of mentorship on their careers. They discuss the challenges they face as women in a male-dominated field and the importance of equal opportunities. Nalima talks about her internships and the practical experience she gained, while Pragya highlights the transformative nature of mentorship. They offer advice to mentors and mentees, emphasizing the need for flexibility, guidance, and promotion of underrepresented individuals. The conversation also touches on the importance of gender representation at tech events and ways to encourage more women speakers.

The Geomob podcast is hosted by Ed Freyfogle, co-founder of OpenCage, and Steven Feldman, of KnowWhere Consulting.

Every week we discuss themes from the geo industry, interview Geomob speakers, and provide regular updates about our own projects.