Gala Camacho, organizer of Geomob Edinburgh, joins Ed on the podcast to discuss her experience organizing the event and provide advice for others interested in starting GeoMob in their cities. The first event in Edinburgh was a success, with a diverse range of talks covering technical, artistic, and business topics. Gala emphasizes the importance of creating a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere at Geomob events, where attendees can make connections and discuss geospatial topics. She also highlights the need for more speakers and encourages anyone interested to submit their ideas. Overall, the event received positive feedback and demonstrated the demand for a geospatial community in Edinburgh. The next Geomob Edinburgh will be on June 25th.

The Geomob podcast is hosted by Ed Freyfogle, co-founder of OpenCage, and Steven Feldman, of KnowWhere Consulting.

Every week we discuss themes from the geo industry, interview Geomob speakers, and provide regular updates about our own projects.