This week we explore the story of SplashMaps with the founders of the business David Overton and Ian Holt.
We discuss the challenges of running a map printing business in the digital era, and hear about some of the technology that goes into creating a rugged outdoor map. This is an interesting case study not just because SlashMaps produce a unique and high quality geo product, but also to learn the story of how they succeeded in building their business. SplashMaps started originally as a Kickstarter project presented at Geomob way back in October of 2013. From there the business was up and running, and now sells a variety of different fabric maps product, be it rugged maps for wayfinding, masks, or even map printed shower curtains. For years now Splashmaps have been a key contributor to the Geomob community by sponsoring the coveted Best Speaker prize awarded by the audience at each event. Many thanks to David and Ian for their ongoing support!
The holiday season is on the horizon, and I encourage all of you to consider SplashMaps as a unique and useful gift for any map or outdoor lover you may know. With the virus putting a damper on exotic overseas travel, more people than ever will be exploring nature close to home, and a custom SplashMap centered on your friend or relative's house is a fantastic present.
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