Big news geomobsters,

I’m delighted to announce Pusher has joined us a sponsor.

Pusher provides tools to enable developers to easily build real time services. Whether you need to integrate real time chat into an app or trigger notifications for one of your users, Pusher has APIs to make it simple. Over 55,000 developers worldwide including majors brands like GitHub, ITV, MailChimp and the Financial Times (and many more) use Pusher. You can learn more over on their blog or the @pusher twitter account.

The generous funding from our sponsors pays for the drinks at the pub following the speakers, and in many ways it is the post-talk mixing and mingling that’s the most important part of #geomob. Please make sure you say a hearty thanks to OpenCage, KnowWhere Consulting, SplashMaps, Pusher and the BCS at the next #geomob on 4th of November.

If your organisation is interested in becoming a sponsor, please get in touch.