Fellow geomobsters,

I’m pleased to reveal the details of our first #geomob of 2016. We’ll meet at 18:30 on Thursday the 21st of January in room G07 of UCL’s Chadwick Building. A map can be found over on the lanyard page for the evening, where we also ask that you sign up so we can get an idea of the numbers. 

It will be our first event of the new year, but rest assured we will be sticking to our time honored formula: we will have six speakers, each of whom will present for 10-15 minutes. After each speaker there will be a few minutes for audience questions. 

Our lineup for the evening kicks off with two speakers who had hoped to join us at the last event but then unfortunately had to cancel:


and finally

Many thanks to all the speakers for taking the time to share their projects.

After the talks ,we’ll quickly vote by show of hands for the SplashMaps best speaker prize, and then, as per long-standing #geomob tradition, adjourn to a nearby pub for discussion and #geobeers. Many thanks to our sponsors for making the drinks possible, and a special thanks to UCL for once again providing a venue to us at no cost. Without such generous support #geomob would not be possible, please get in touch if your brand would like to become a sponsor

I look forward to seeing you all at 18:30 on Thursday the 21st of January. For those looking to get ahead on filling in their 2016 diary, our next event after the January #geomob will be Tuesday, March 15th. We have a few speakers already committed, but would also welcome a few more volunteers. 

See you in 2016,