Fellow geomobsters,

great news, iGeolise will be joining the list of #geomob sponsors for our March 15th event! Many thanks to them, it is only through the generosity of our sponsors and hosts what #geomob, and the ensuing #geobeers are possible. 


iGeolise make location-based data searchable and mappable by time rather than distance. If that interests you please check out their TravelTIme platform which provides an API that allows enables users to search location-based data online using travel time. They also provide MinuteMapr, a location-based data analysis app and API that can generate travel time maps, extract postcodes and filter location data.

If you are interested in learning more, please come along on the 15th of March where you will be able to meet members of the iGeolise team, or of course you can follow @iGeolise on twitter or LinkedIn.

Here’s a screenshot of one of their impressive travel time maps:

iGeolise joins good company - many thanks to all of our sponsors. Please get in touch if your brand would like to sponsor.  

I look forward to seeing you all on the 15th of March,