before you all slip off on your summer holidays, we thought we’d remind you to get Thursday the 20th of September in the old diary as the date of our next #geomob.

For the last year we’ve relied on the exceptional generosity of the good folks at UCL, but this time we thought we’d mix things up a bit and head east to Silicon Roundabout. We’re very pleased to announce that our friends at Google have invited us to use the shiny new Google Campus facility.

While the venue has changed the format hasn’t. We’ll be sticking with our tried and true recipe - four or five speakers each presenting for 10-15 minutes and a few audience questions, all of which will be followed by geobeers at a nearby pub (the #geomob organisers will be diliegntly “testing” candidate pubs in the coming months to ensure we maintain our rigerous quality standards, but all suggestions are welcome).

As ever, please sign up on Lanyrd so we can get an idea on numbers. Several speakers have already commited, and the lineup is looking very strong, but further suggestions would also be gladly received.

We look forward to seeing everyone in September!

On a final note, those who can’t go months without a geo event, we invite you to check out WhereCamp Berlin which is happening this weekend.