Fellow geomobsters,

I’m pleased to announce a great lineup for this summer’s event which will be held at 18:30 on Thursday the 11th of July. We’re very thankful to Google for once again hosting us at their Old Street Campus. We’re lucky to have five great speakers this time so we’ll try to kick off promptly. Please be on time.

The evening’s agenda. 

Many thanks to all the speakers.

As per long standing #geomob tradition the talks will be followed by a visit to a local pub where the geobeers will generously be provided by sponsors OpenCage and knowwhere consulting

As always, if you can join us please sign up via the Lanyrd page for the event so we can get an estimate of numbers. You’ll also find a map to the venue on that page. 

We look forward to seeing everyone on the 11th. 

Finally, due to all the action around #maptember, our autumn event won’t be until October. More details to follow here and via our twitter feed (you do follow us, right?). If you would like to speak or if you know of anyone who should speak, please get in touch.