Many thanks to everyone who came to last night’s event. It was one of our best geomobs yet, with six great speakers and a large audience of regulars and also many new faces. As always many thanks to the great folks at UCL who made a venue available for us. 

Our little gathering has grown in popularity, evidence of which is that we are now being bombarded with volunteers to speak. It’s likely that in 2014 we will aim to have an event every two months rather than every three, but we will stick to our tried and true formula of brief talks featuring a healthy mix of start-ups, academics, big companies, and geodreamers, all of course washed down with #geobeers. All of this is made possibly by the generous support of our sponsors: Knowwhere Consulting and OpenCage. We are always on the hunt for more sponsors, if your company might be interested please contact us via the @geomob twitter account. 

In this spirit, I am delighted to announce that we already have a great line up set for our next event. The first geomob of 2014 will be on Tuesday the 14th of January at 18:30. We are very fortunate that the BCS has invited us back to their excellent venue facilities near Covent Garden, for an exact address and map please see the Lanyrd page for the event, where you should also sign up so that we have an estimate of numbers. 

Our agenda for the evening will feature:

I hope you agree it has all appearances of a great evening, we hope to see you there.

One final note, if you’re worried January is a long time to go without a geofix, our good friends at OSMLondon have put together a nice list of London winter geoevents

See you all in January! Until then I close with a few pictures from last nights event taken by Alex Balhatchet.

"Dimi presents"

Dimi Sztanko shows off his new creation

"David tells us how SplashMaps is doing"

David Overton updates us on the progress of SplashMaps