I’m pleased to announce a fantastic lineup for our next #geomob
to be held at 18:30 on Tuesday the 16th of September at the facilities of the BCS at 5 Southampton Street near Covent Garden. We’ve had occasional #geomobs at the BCS in the past, they are generous hosts, and I am pleased to announce they are now our formal location sponsor! We will continue to have events elsewhere but will now be spending more time at the BCS. Many thanks to them for their generosity. If you are not yet a member of the BCS I encourage you to have a look at their offering.

Their facilities (and food) have been excellent, but in the past we’ve had the unfortunate situation that people have been turned away because our room was too full. I’ve been assured that we will have more than adequate space on the 16th, but to help us get a better gauge of the numbers and plan appropriately please be sure to sign up on the Lanyrd page for the evening (where you will also find a map to the venue). 

Our speakers for the evening will be:

I hope you agree it looks like a great lineup. Attendees will have the chance to crown the evening’s best speaker, awarding him or her with a free SplashMap and geo bragging rights. 

As always the formal portion of the evening will be followed by drinks
at a nearby pub, generously paid for by our sponsors: OpenCage, knowwhere consulting and SplashMaps, and I strongly encourage all to attend. Very often the informal discussions are as fruitful and informative as the talks.

If you can’t make it on the 16th please join us at the following #geomob which will be Tuesday, November 4th (we’ll be back at the BCS), and for those who really like to get a jump on things you can already sign up for Tuesday, January 13th which will be the first #geomob of 2015. For both of those events we’re still (at the time of writing) on the hunt for speakers, please volunteer if you’re doing anything of interest in the location space. There’s one other point worth noting: to date the #geomob speaker list has reflected the unfortunate lack of gender diversity in the neogeo community, and we strongly encourage speaker applications from female speakers to help address this imbalance.

Enjoy your summer, and I look forward to seeing you all on the 16th of September

Ed (@freyfogle)