When and where?

The first Geomob Finland will be on Thursday the 13th of April, 2023 in Helsinki. The event will be at Maria 01. How to get there? Info here.

The doors will open at 4 pm and the official program will start at 5 pm. We will announce the speakers shortly. The theme of the first ever Geomob Finland will be Earth Observation.

There is only limited space in the venue so don’t forget to register ASAP so you don’t miss out on the awesome event.


Our format for the evening will be:

  • doors open at 4 pm, set up and general mingling

  • at 5 pm, we begin the talks with a very brief introduction

  • Each speaker will have slides and speak for 10-15 minutes. After each talk there will be time for 2-3 questions.

  • We vote by show of hands for the best speaker. The winner will receive a SplashMap and unending glory (see the full list of all past winners).

  • We continue with discussion and #geobeers paid for by the sponsors.

The speakers:

The organizers:

Geomob Finland is organized by Antti Jakobsson and Joonas Jokela as a part of a newly founded centre of excellence in location information called Location Innovation Hub.


Geomob would not be possible without speakers and sponsors. Over the years we have had so many fantastic talks, spanning the range from inspirational to informative to weird and wacky. See the list of all the past speakers. Please get in touch if you would like to speak at a future Geomob.