It is with great pleasure that I announce Flock is now a sponsor of #geomob.


Flock offers an on-demand insurance product for drone pilots. CEO Ed Leon Klinger spoke at #geomob in January 2017, and the team hasn’t missed an event since! Ed has this to say:

“Flock is delighted to join the Geomob family as one of its sponsors, and support an initiative that fosters the best geoinnovation talent in the UK. Geospatial data fuels Flock’s on-demand drone insurance platform, ‘Flock Cover’, which converts real-time and static data into quantified risk analytics for individual drone flights.

Geomob is a fantastic network which consistently showcases the scope and innovation surrounding geospatial data, and we’re already looking forwarding to learning about the latest projects in September!

It is always a pleasure to watch a team make the transition from a few people with an idea, to launching their first product, to becoming a growing business (BTW - Flock is hiring!) and giving back to the geo community. Thank you, Flock!

Flock joins our other sponsors: CARTO, KnowWhere Consulting, OpenCage, SplashMaps - many thanks to all for helping support geo-innovation in London. And, in more good news, we have another new sponsor we’ll be announcing shortly. Please get in touch if your brand would like to sponsor #geomob.

I look forward to seeing the Flock team, and everyone else, at our next event on the 6th of September,