The first #geomobMUC of 2020 will take place on March 26th! We are still confirming the exact venue details and will post them shortly.

Our Speakers:

  • Ed Freyfogle of geocoding service OpenCage

  • JP Mens will tell us about open-source, privacy-focused, self-hosted, location tracking service OwnTracks

  • More to be announced soon. Please volunteer if you would like to speak.

Afterwards the talks there will be a discussion and networking session and we are looking forward to get everyone connected with each other!

Interested in speaking at a #geomobMUC?

Send an email to [email protected]

Who should attend?

Geomob is a community of academics, developers, industry professionals and enthusiasts who are passionate about location data driven products and businesses in Munich and beyond.

We seek to create a group of diverse participants and speakers. The goal for all of us is to better understand how location data and the technology around it affects all aspects of development.

Geomob is for everyone interested in geospatial technology - be it mobility, location intelligence, computer vision, indoor mapping, navigation, drone, GIS or any other location data driven industry.

We aim to meet every two or three months, providing a relaxed forum to discuss geoinnovation, whether its for fun or profit.

Please come along to learn more about location technology and discover what we can do to shape the future of the industry together.

Can’t attend?

Get on the #geomob mailing list for an event summary of this Geomob and events in other cities.

Many thanks to Abhi Manadhar for organising this event, and to Esri for supporting the geomobMUC community.

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