Event Summary

Thank you to the attendees, speakers, sponsors at our second Geomob online. Here’s a thread summarising the evening, the videos are linked below:

The speakers/videos
When and where?

19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST on Wednesday the 6th of May 2020. We have space for about 100 people to watch the talks. A sign up form will go out in the early-May Geomob newsletter, and we will invite people to the live event based on whoever signed up first. Sorry we don’t have a more fair way to do it.


The goal of Geomob is to provide a forum to learn and exchange ideas about any interesting services and projects that deal with location. Everyone working in or curious about the location space or with location services is welcome. You absolutely do not need to be some sort of GIS expert (though GIS experts are of course welcome as well).

Agenda / How will it work?

Our format for the evening will be as close to the format of our in-person events as possible.

  • Before the event please make sure you have Zoom installed.

  • at 18:45 BST / 19:45 CEST we will send an email to the first 100 people on the sign-up list. The email will contain the URL for logging into the Zoom meeting. Please do NOT share the URL with anyone, as it means you will potentially be taking someone else’s spot and possibly letting in trouble makers. That would create a lot of very, very bad geo karma for you, which would be a pretty heavy burden for you to shoulder. The world has enough challenges already.

  • When you enter the meeting you will first be in what Zoom calls “the waiting room” and a moderator will have to manually approve you. Have patience! It’s a good chance to sample your #geobeer.

  • Once in the meeting, attendees will be muted and there will not be a chat. With 100 attendees it just won’t work. If you want to share your opinion about the event please do so on twitter using the hashtag #geomob.

  • at 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST we begin the talks with a very brief introduction

  • Each speaker will present his/her slides, speaking for 10-15 minutes.

  • If you have a question for the speaker please use the chat functionality in Zoom. Questions will only be visible to the admins.

  • After the speaker finishes his or her talk a moderator will ask one or two of the questions submitted by the audience. Hopefully in this way we can have good quality, concise questions. Sorry if your question doesn’t get asked. Please just follow up one on one (or post it on twitter).

  • After the final talk we will vote by twitter poll for the best speaker. The winner will receive a SplashMap and unending glory (see the full list of all past winners).

  • Following the event we will unfortunately NOT be able to head to a pub for discussion and #geobeers. Feel free to enjoy a #geobeer while watching the talks.

  • Unless there is some sort of unplanned technical problem, we will post a recording of the event shortly after the event.

The organizers:

Geomob is organized by Ed Freyfogle and Steven Feldman.


Geomob would not be possible without speakers and sponsors. Over the years we have had so many fantastic talks, spanning the range from inspirational to informative to weird and wacky. See the list of all the past speakers. Please get in touch if you would like to speak at a future Geomob.

Spread the word:

Please share the event details with everyone you know who may find the evening interesting.

If you can’t attend (or even if you can) be sure to sign up for our monthly the Geomob mailing list, where we announce upcoming events.

London Sponsors: