Friends, amics, amigos,

our next #geomobBCN will be at 18:00 on Wednesday, the 2nd of October. I am delighted that we can once again rely on the hospitality of our friends at CoWorkIdea, who will host us at their excellent co-working space at Carrer de Torres i Amat, 21, First Floor.

Here’s a picture from our April 24th #geomobBCN event:

Just like in our past events, the goal of this #geomobBCN will be to provide a forum to learn and exchange ideas about any interesting services and projects that deal with location. Everyone working in or curious about the location space or with location services is welcome. You absolutely do not need to be some sort of GIS expert (though GIS experts are of course welcome as well).

The talks are a chance to learn, but equally important is the dialogue between the attendees, which is why I hope everyone can also stay for #geobeers - generously paid for by our sponsors: AVUXI, Localistico, Mappery, and OpenCage Data - at a nearby bar after the talks.

We will follow the time-tested #geomob format:

  • doors open at 18:00

  • at 18:30 we begin with a very brief introduction

  • a few speakers presenting their projects. Each speaker will have slides and speak for 10-15 minutes. After each talk there will be time for 2-3 questions. The talks will be in English.

  • after the talks we will head to a nearby bar for #geobeers paid for by the sponsors.

Our speakers on the 2nd of October will be

All of that, and geobeers and good discussion - a good time is guaranteed.

Geomob would not be possible without speakers, and I was delighted to have so many people volunteer. Please get in touch if you would like to speak at a future #geomobBCN. Many thanks to our speakers, Coworkidea for hosting us, and of course to our sponsors for making #geomobBCN possible. Please share the event details with everyone you know who may find the evening interesting.

I look forward to seeing you all at 6:00 on the 2nd of October


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