as the year winds down I want to take the chance to say thank you the various venues that host #geomob. Without these partners making their facilities available to us our events would simply not be possible.


First up, we have Geovation, a start-up accelerator based in Clerkenwell. Sponsored by the Ordnance Survey and the UK Land Registry, Geovation provides start-ups with grant funding, hands-on assistance, and office space. Over the years many different Geovation start-ups have spoken at #geomob, and indeed Geovation alumni Flock has even gone on to be a #geomob sponsor.

I strongly encourage anyone in London thinking of doing a location-based
or proptech start-up to investigate Geovation’s compelling offering.

Our next #geomob - on 16th Jan, 2019 - will be at Geovation.


Next, we need to thank UCL’s Geography Department, and especially Prof. Muki Hakley for hosting #geomob too many times to count over the years. UCL is where OpenStreetMap was invented, and it is great that by having #geomob there we can do a small part to carry on the tradition of geo-innovaton. Many long-standing members of the #geomob community have connections to UCL in one form or another, but it’s also always nice to invite the next generation of students into our community as well.


Last, but by no means least, we’re fotunate to benefit from the generosity of the British Computing Society (BCS) who occasionally host us at their excellent Covent Garden facility. We’re very appreciative of the long-standing support of this well respected industry body as a basis for our geo-experimentation.

Thank you to all of our venue sponsors for making #geomob possible.

And to all sponsors, speakers, and attendees for helping create #geomob as a forum for geo-innovation.

I look forward to seeing you all in 2019,