Come for the geo-merch, stay for the e-textiles! If you’re a frequent Geomob London attendee you will be familiar with this weeks’ guest David Overton, co-founder of SplashMaps, sponsor of our best speaker prize. David has been on the podcast before to introduce us to SplashMaps. Since then, the business has grown and the use cases for SplashMaps have expanded. When you can’t, or don’t want to use your mobile device, you can make and have a map that everyone can look at and use. Whatx separates their maps from other custom mapmakers are the materials used. Adventure lovers are already using these maps for hiking or cycling trips. SplashMaps have also been found useful for commemorative walks, people tracing the battles of their ancestors or history buffs are using them. They are navigational aides, and sometimes mementos of adventures past. David explains how a partnership with academia led SplashMaps to the newest e-textile tech. If you’ve never heard of e-textile you should definitely tune in to this episode. Find out why maps are an easy and effective way to exhibit the advances in this new tech

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