The love and language of maps is truly an international thing that spans countries, nationalities, cultures and language. To underpin this, Ed and myself are taking the #geomob London experience to Bangalore in India, where we’ll be hosted by fellow map lovers GeoBLR.

I’ll be recapping the Vaguely Rude Places Map talk I gave at #geomob in April of 2013, whilst Ed will be talking about the challenges facing geocoders in India.


If you’re in Bangalore next week, we’ll be at 7 High Street, Cooke Town at 6.00 PM on January 31st. If you’ve been to a GeoBLR meetup before, we’re looking forwards to meeting you; if you haven’t, then what are you waiting for?

-Gary (@vicchi)

Written and posted from #geomob HQ, Clerkenwell Road, London (51.522558, -0.102563). Bangalore map courtesy of OpenStreetMap, © OpenStreetMap contributors.